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The American Nurses Association - Idaho (ANA-Idaho) was originally formed on March 29, 1909, as the Idaho State Association of Graduate Nurses.  Miss Lillian Long, Superintendent of St. Lukes Hospital School of Nursing and Director of Nursing, served as its first President.  The association name was changed to Idaho Nurses Association in 1930 to conform to the rules of the American Nurses Association and changed again in 2016 to the American Nurses Association - Idaho. Over the years, ANA-Idaho members have made significant contributions to the nursing profession in the State of Idaho, and we continue to do so with the help of dedicated volunteers such as yourself - get involved in ANA-Idaho and make history!

View a Summary of the Significant Dates and Events in Idaho's Nursing History
Document written by Verlene Kaiser, President of Idaho Nurses Association 1983-1985, INA Historian 1980's and 1990's.
More information can be found in the book 'Charting Idaho Nursing History' by Randy Hudspeth and Verlene Kaiser, 2009.

ANA-Idaho Presidents 1909-2014

ANA-Idaho Executive Directors 1946-2013